Move away from the trist routine

and escape from the everyday!

What are we doing?

We’re two calm people from munich, who are driving per Bike into the world to search for a slower way of life. To tour & to bike - to camp & to enjoy - thats our passion! Why do we do that, what is the first step and what does holiday mean? Here you will learn more - we keep you up to date and take you on our journey!


There are so many reasons for the need of a rest. Maybe you had a traumatic experience, search for an unknown adventure or only to enjoy the air and better weather.Looking for yourself or the sense, a change in your life would be really inviting. But very often it is just a short daydream, you’d love to do this but you’ll never do it


– you dedicate yourself to the everyday routine.


For us there was the question "why?" not really long, but more the question "why not?"

The first Step


Maybe the courage is missing for the necessary first step, or you are very tied to social structures that the escape, which is longer than the „i’m off for two weeks“ and not like a wellness holiday seems to be impossible. Yes, it’s a big step, but with a little closer view – it seems to be much smaller than expected. We decided to do short and long cycling tours. There were many reasons that induced us – amongst other things the speed. To come along a bit faster is possible but not essential. You can also enjoy the nature. You can get off your bike and go hiking in the mountains.

What´s vacation?

A holiday, in which you really do nothing all the time – just laying at the beach. No, that’s nothing for us, that is not our idea of relaxing. We think, the best combination is a mix between biking, camping beeing nearby a standing or flowing water and the whole stuff wich is close to those things.


We are very nature loving and eager to learn. So it brought much fun working with this matter and getting closer to it while reading and thinking about it. Now it’s time to do some new thing and let the adventure begin.

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"When else is the time you fully hit the belly with Strawberries from the wood and cook a stinging-nettle tea above the fire. Without the need to do the allday stuff."

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Isar bike lane

Part of Mittenwald to Munich! Our first joint tour :)


In our opinion one of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria.

Sonnenspitz & Jochberg

On the way with 3 people and 3 Dogs in the wonderful Bavarian Alps with overnight stay :)