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Discovering borders and leaving them behind oneself

We’re two calm people from munich, who are driving into the world to search for a slower way of life. We are preparing together with our faithful friends Mimmo (italian, born in 2005) and Coucho (mexican, born in 2015) this big challenge. Starting harum- scarum sounds really tempting.


But the common sense prevails. There are a few month between now and the time we will leave for our adventure, there is still a long way to go. Since last year we own two CUBE nature pro bikes and with them and Mimmo, we went through the surroundings of Munich and parts of Bavaria.

Tim, mid thirties, born in the heart of Bavaria has learned wholesale and foreign trade merchant, is a passionate artist and loves nature with all her facets.


„I’ve always loved nature. During the study, it became clearer to me what i do not want in my life. I won’t bow to the pressure of our achievement-oriented society. I will be closer to nature and not have to say: ouh, i should have done this and that –  or that it is to late to do something i wanna do now”

Constantin, at the beginning of thirties, born in north of Tyrol has learnd cook and is on fire with all the things that have to do with nutrition and cooking.


„Long ago I wanted to get away from the society and go my own way. Especially Norway with all its fjords, mountains and the relaxed way of life fascinate me.

It is never to late to break away and go one’s own way, you just have to do your first step”