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The most important ....: The bicycles

Cube | Nature pro 2016 | Crossbike

We both ride the same model - only the colors are different. 

  • Crossbike - just right for us
  • once white, once dark gray so that our wheels also have a difference :)
  • We are not yet extreme bike experts. Rabe Bike regularly offers workshop courses - after the next we will report to you :)

We moved our wheels in Munich at the Rabe Bike . First-class service, which we can recommend without reservation!


The wheels are of course also great and unreserved to recommend ;)

Duramaxx | King Rex | 240l V

The King Rex! That was our first trailer, which we had gotten for the bikes. Mimmo did not think he was that prickling in the beginning, but it settled down after a few laps. Meanwhile, he lies relaxed inside - sometimes even lying + with his eyes closed.




  • Relatively cheap
  • Very stable
  • Super easy entry for the dog
  • Very good workmanship of the materials
  • You can also put something up on top , if you have a longer lashing strap with you
  • Very airy



  • Water repellent - not waterproof! However, to have a "raincoat" for the trailer, Tim has unceremoniously sewn a self-made ripstop nylon - If interested, we will gladly put a tutorial in here - just drop us a line under Contact :)
  • Like almost all trailers, this trailer is attached to the quick release. With the heavy dog in the back and a torture through kilometer- long giantgravel stone masses of this quick release buckled and we had to provide asap for replacement.

Duramaxx | Mountee | rot | 130l V

Mountee! If you think the King Rex is already stable, then you were not on the way with the Mountee hehe it's the second trailer we got. 






  • Mega stable and strong material
  • Metal rims  around the wheels, where you can attach very well the tail light
  • Load up to 60 kg - it fits in my right way a lot
  • On the right and on the left side are devices for flags
  • Strong water-repellent - for us it does not have to be watertight, because we have everything inside it either well packed watertight or stowed in drybags



  • Relatively broad
  • After this long dirt road I got a  tire jump out . Sounds worse than it sounds - since then a simple tensioning in the breaks, to give me a safer feeling.

Short - Conclusion

King Rex


So after we have found a solution for rainy moments, it is a clear recommendation on our part!



Since the width of the trailer does not really scare us off, it is currently the ideal companion for us. As soon as an affordable and good specimen of the clamps pops up, we'll probably switch to one.

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