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The Trangia - The highlight of each evening is the end of the eventful day during the cozy cooking. And that works great with the Trangia! Below are the direct links listed.




  • Lace workmanship & design
  • Extensive accessories, which you can get in addition
  • Resistant to wind - even when it is storming it is easy to cook something
  • Safe for the floor - Thanks to its construction, the Trangia is a few centimeters away from the ground with the flame / heat and thus protects the environment unlike other cookers and cooking methods
  • Alcohol is our absolute favorite, because it is not under pressure in the bottle, as is the case with gas
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble the device
  • No sharp edges or corners



  • Bags, lids, etc. you have to, if you need it in addition to buy. The price is definitely justified for the quality, but still not the cheapest
  • When transporting with the pan, if you put the Trangia in the breakdown and transported in the Quitschorangen bag, it can happen that a metal abrasion in the pan of Trangia itself forms. We prevent this by "storing" the tea towel right there.


Conclusion: Next to the Trangia there would be at most one Hobo - oven for us to use. Definitely not dodging other brands or cookers, as we are completely satisfied! 

Plate | Cutlery | Cups

Plates & cutlery & cups - we all have from Primus. In these things, they simply proved the best quality for us. Below are the direct links listed.





  • Stainless steel plate | Titanium Cutlery | Stainless steel mug - all wonderfully easy to clean
  • Simple and chic design
  • Grandiose workmanship 
  • No metal taste, even with sour food
  • the stainless steel mug fits perfectly on the Trangia 
  • The olive wood spoon does not absorb enough liquid and does not smell accordingly
  • In the normal plastic spatula, there is nothing to complain about - can be super clean 




  • Nothing negative so far







Conclusion:  These products have a very long-lasting effect on us. Should something break or get lost, we will definitely get the same - or very similar.