Good to know - the great Information series

Being outside and having fun!

In the beginning comes the education

There comes quite a bit of experience together, even if you are not out and about - forming is important ! And if it's about your favorite hobby or your own dream ... then it's all the more fun.




That 's why we started the worth knowing series . I can still remember exactly how we absorbed the information from other people around the topic "Outdoor & Travel" at the beginning. It's really exciting, because there are so many different experiences - even when it comes to the same topic!  

It's really fun to rummage through the entire travel blogs and watch for hours on Youtube videos of long-distance travelers. This keeps us motivated and gives us the feeling of not being alone with the desire for the distance. We have already gained some experience and like to share it with you.



The Worth Knowing series is constantly updated , so stay tuned by following us on social media. If you notice something that you would like to add, or you should definitely add it to the list of topics, then just contact us - we will definitely thank you :)


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