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All our previous tours are listed here and briefly described. Click for more details - interesting facts and our experiences to the tours follow on the respective detail pages. Each tour is unique to us and has its own particular charm! There will be many more to follow. Do you still have tips & tricks in stock, which we should install here? Gladly always to us withit or in the guestbook :) or if questions arise, then write us - just do not be shy!

We really started to get started in the summer of 2016. With the first longer tour (3 days - section of the Isar Cycle Route) has come to our knowledge, which we do not want to miss - no longer not be on the road! From tour to tour, the desire for longer + more + nature-loving became more intense. It's an indescribable feeling to wake up in the morning and to soak up the fresh air at the foot of a mountain right in the sleeping bag - "yes, I'm at home outside."

Current Tour Plans

There is so many to discover!


Thats why we load our planed tours also up here. You have tips and expirience that you wanna share with us? We look forward to meet new people :) 

Sonnenspitz - Jochberg Tour

Cloak-and-Dagger - Operation!


It was irresponsible, I grant, because the sun goes down bevor we came to our camp. Nevertheless it was an awesome Nighthike! 


Soinsee - Spitzingsee Tour

By feed | Backbag | Hiking Sticks


We were 3 people with 3 dogs, hiking in the Mountains without our bikes. We flit from Osterhofen to Soinsee and then to the Spitzingsee. 

Around Munich

Green | Rich | Traditionall - thats Munich!


And with rich I really don´t mean mony but the richness of winding ways + nice aims + secret microbays of the Isar. 

Isar Biking Lane

Our first longer-than-one-day biketour!


Ok, it is in general just 3 days but it was great! Mimmo was the first time in his little blue Castle.


Sylvenstein Lake

Awesome Lake!


One of the most beautiful lakes in Bavaria is definitely the Sylvenstein lake.