The plan: Bavaria's wild natural river

Along the Isar bike path - from the source to the mouth

Isar river in lenggries in bavaria with water and stones near by the biking lane

Isar cycle path reversed - from Deggendorf to the Isar fountain

The Isar Cycle Route usually runs from the fountain near Scharnitz in Austria, through Munich, to Deggendorf, where the Isar flows into the Danube. 


We have been riding the Isar bike path before, but only a part of Mittenwald to Munich directly. Click here for this tour. Since we love the mountains so much, it was very difficult to drive away from them. Therefore, the plan is that this time we cycle the entire cycle path, but start from Deggendorf and move uphill to the Isar fountain in the direction of the mountains.


Short description:

The Isar bike path with its 300km is a cycling experience that is suitable for everyone. For the cozier of us he can cope without great stress in a few days. There are enough campsites along the way.


It runs through 4 different landscapes, which makes it very interesting for landscape lovers.

  • Karwendel mountains
  • Moraine
  • Munich gravel plain
  • Stream valley of the Danube

On the way you drive different ways - types. Tarred roads, gravel roads, forest and meadow paths. You pass lakes and mostly drive along the Isar. A special highlight is the Sylvenstein - quite at the beginning of the tour between Mittenwald and Lenggries.

We are currently dealing with these and other tour opportunities, but of course everything can change.


Additional considerations:

  • From waters to waters in Upper Bavaria
  • Free snout along the Alps
  • Lake Constance - Königssee cycle path with a difference

Our senior dog has a big deciding role here, because if he / she can not / want to be on the road anymore, or can not cope with it anymore, then of course we restructure the next tours. Would he let himself go for a walk? We will see :)


It's almost certain that we'll be going on the next big tour at the end of August.