Osterhofen - Soinsee - Spitzingsee

Past awesome lakes and peaks


Trip history

Day 1:

  • By train to Osterhofen
  • Hike in the direction of Soinsee
  • Overnight at a hut

Day 2:


  • Fantastic foggy morning
  • Hike to the Soinsee
  • Past the Rotwand
  • Tasty lunch with coffee and sweets
  • Arrived at Spitzingsee
  • Back again by bus to Osterhofen
  • Travel home by train from Osterhofen

Overnights | Campingplaces

  • Lakeside before the Soinsee


  • Days on the way: 2
  • Kilometers on the way: ~ 16 km
  • Overnight stays: 1
  • Issued money: ~ € 60, -

Best Impressions Day 1

Best Impressions Day 2

Day 1

Osterhofen - half way to Soinsee

This time with better equip!

And even found a place to sleep right in time befor sunset. The plan was actually that we camp much higher up, but most of our small troop hasn´t the condition for it.


From Osterhofen it went comfortably upwards. After a few hours, we discovered a deserted & relatively large hut that afforded us some protection. Constantin cooked again at night, as it can be seen in the picture with headlamp and delicious curry - noodles with zucchini and mushrooms.

Day 2

Hut - Soinsee - Spitzingsee

Wake up in a foggy landscape

This is one of those parts of the alps we love so much - the fog in the early morning. Fresh mountainair + little breakfast! The fountain had fresh cold water.


After we build down everything and left everything clean, we went to our first station: The lake Soinsee.


We didn´t know if there where cow´s right now. That would be a bit complicate with the dogs. But there where no cow´s - just a lot of loud whistling marmots.



Above, past the Rotwand (at the food of this peak we had our awesome lunch with coffee and sweets) the way was picked with an fantastic landscape and later we passed a much visited almhütte. We where right in direction to the Spitzingsee.


There we took a bus back to Osterhofen.


The Weather was great the whole time and the rise made a lot of fun!