Sonnenspitz & Jochberg

Cloak-and-dagger operation which paid off

Route Day 1

The course (short overview)

Day 1

  • Kochel station - Sonnenspitze
  • Rise in the night
  • Overnight on the Sonnenspitz

Day 2

  • Sonnenspitze - Jochberg - Walchensee
  • Descent from the Sonnenspitz on the other side
  • Hike to the Jochberg
  • Descent to Walchsee
  • Micro-stop at the lake (waiting for the bus)
  • Drive back to our car in Kochel by bus


  • Days on the way: 2
  • Mileage: ~ 15.5 km
  • Issued money: ~ € 15,-


  • Overnight on Sonnenspitz via tent (we left everything clean again;))

Route Day 2

Best Impressions Day 1

Best Impressions Day 2

Day 1

Kochel Parkplatz - Sonnenspitze

Very nice thrill!

But to be honest: that it gets dark so fast .... we would not have expected that. Pretty irresponsible. Fortunately, our best friend already knew the way and our three dogs were great in finding their way. The drive to Kochel by car took about 2 hours. As you can see from the photo of the Kochelsee, the sun has already set on arrival. Now it was time to come up the road swiftly, namely: timely & uninjured!


Now. Unhurt we were definitely and on time too! At least, if one pulls the term "in time" something in the length ( this case night ..). After setting up the tents, Constantin was always on the boil (There was mashed potatoes + sausage + fried vegetables), we still enjoyed the wonderful night mood and the tranquility that brang the place with it.

Day 2

Sonnenspitze - Jochberg - Walchensee

What an awesome start in the Day!

You wake up with the sun, breathe pure and fresh mountain and forest air, throw in the stove and brew first a delicious coffee.

The silence was still omnipresent, accompanied by dog's paws and our quiet slurping. Unlike the night, the crunching sound of the two snapping trees was now gone. That was mega - creepy!


On the first two pictures you can clearly see the time difference - the first picture was taken at 7 o'clock, the second one at half past 8. Fantastic, how the colors of the landscape change at sunrise! With a heavy heart, we separated from the small plateau to make our way to the Jochberg. A few small patches of snow here and there. You could see nature awakening to spring slowly. The Jochberg was not too crowded that day - we were "relatively" early up (about 11 clock). The view of the Alps is terrific - it definitely pays off, that you once hiked there!


After the small lunch strengthening (normal Jausn + of course coffee and tea) began the descent towards Walchensee. The gravel is not that easy.Soon we also regretted that we did not take the hiking poles with us. Generally our equipment was a bit rare at the time of this tour. After that, we immediately bought new hiking backpacks (large from Osprey) and are very satisfied with that! Was tested the same at the next tour and found to be cool! :)


Arrived at Walchensee we went along the road to Urfeld and after a short stop then by bus the Kesselbergstraße in the direction of Kochel drove to the car.


Conclusion: grandios tour, absolutely recommended!