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Dogs - Senior


At the age of 13, Mimmo is no longer the youngest dog . He can only do cycling tours in a bicycle trailer - and this not for a long time. But it is also somehow easy to understand - the bones and the muscles start to hurt at some point, the thousand new smells every time you get out of the dog - trailer and the constant shaking by the ride on the bike for a senior, like Mimmo is not sustainable anymore. He has a lot of fun - but his body strikes after the first few hundred meters. Quite normal - and just as natural, however, this realization strikes us as a stroke - even though we have known all along that the good dog - guy is simply not getting any younger. Out of love and respect for him, we do not want to do him these stressful and jerky times .


Quite different than in the bicycle trailer it behaves in the car. He can sit and lie quietly and softly and his joints and muscles are not shaken by every stone. After a short but exhausting trip he can throw himself in the car and show us his cute middlefinger and chill like a senior - in the bicycle trailer that wont be possible, because he would have to devote himself now on the return or onward journey and the entire sprung and unsprung bumps and can not rest in these circumstances.



More precisely - thunderstorms | hail | rain. We are not hot - weather - lovers.  Do not get me wrong - we like thunderstorms, and the rain that goes with them, because it releases the air and cleanses them, and once they are there, the headaches disappear. But be in the tent with thunderstorms and hail with the dogs? There are more pleasant things - not only for us, but especially for the dogs. Thanks to the Faraday cage, which a motor vehicle offers because of its construction, the necessary security is available.

Our current status

What we miss - the van


It is clear that it will be a van. Not, however, which brand / size etc. he should have. Sure - we have requests, but we are guided by what the market then throws off.


DIY - expansion


Once the car is there, he gets - after his baptism - first an all-around-pedal-off-inside&outside-facility, is made camper suitable for admission and may flirt for the beginning a few laps in the vicinity. We will document this in detail and upload it as a videos - you can be part of the process! The necessary information on how to do everything we google ourselves, look at tutorials from other campers and forge our own plans. 


Why don´t we just do it now?


Quite simply: we lack the necessary money. We live directly in Munich and it is difficult and extremely tedious to save something here. Therefore, there is only one thing for us: building an online business, with which we can also earn income for local people, which we then need on the way. 

Building an online business


More precisely: Different forms of online business to generate the required additional income. Sounds easy at first glance - it also appears at the beginning. But after a while you realize that generating a sustainable income can not be done in just a few days. Our expectations are not high - we do not want to reach 10,000 € per month (which of course would be nice;) ..) It is sufficient if our basic supply, the fuel + some pocket money are covered. I would not like to list here in more detail what kind of possibilities there are for making money online. There are countless websites that deal only with this topic. I would like to introduce you to our projects :)


  • Websites - monetized & equipped with Affiliate Links. Once someone clicks on the links and decides to buy a product, we get a commission. There are no additional costs for the buyer.
  • Writing books - Constantin has several open book projects and a few, for example, you can find here directly from the publisher, or  here  on Amazon.
  • Fiverr - Constantin is a trained cook - he digitizes his knowledge and offers online advice. 
  • Patreon - Everyone can register here and promote his projects. You can also support projects that are great with a monthly amount, even if it's only $ 1. Check here our Patreon

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